A Day In The Life of an Equine Entrepreneur

Updated: Feb 3

The dream is real. I used to dream of having my own business and being my own boss! Having the ability to make my own hours and build my business around my life! I wanted to be there for my kids as much as possible and work from home.

I made that dream come true over a year ago and it has been the best decision ever! It isn't always easy but it is rewarding. People always hear you work from home and oogle over the thought and others think you do NOTHING when you work from home!! Far from it!

My day as an equine entrepreneur is busy! As a Virtual Assistant for the Equine Industry it makes sense that I have a horse. I know the joy and work of owning your own horse and can relate to others in the industry. Horse lovers care for their horses more than life itself-well, you know what I mean! Their life revolves around their horses! First thing in the morning I let out our beloved, black & white Paint Horse Gambler. He gets feed and hay along with our sweetest little guy (AKA Nestor the Donkey)! After that, I run two kids to school and often times think how much work I could be getting done instead of doing that and then I remember......this is a BIG reason why I do this, so I CAN run them everywhere!

There are , of course, those days when things don't go as planned and the fence is down or one of the animals hurt themselves by doing who know what. They can always throw a wrench in your best plans! I just go with the flow and might have to call my client to reschedule so I can fix the fence or clean a wound that morning.

Working from home has its perks like loading the dishwasher before running upstairs to the office but be careful, that can turn into a full house cleaning session. Staying focused is a must!!

During working hours I get to take care of my horsy clients and help them streamline their business. I want their business to run smooth and to help them be more hands-off the admin side of things. They have a love for what they do. Be it horse photography, giving lessons, training horses or doing body work. I want to give them the freedom to use their passion to make their business their dream too.

Next it's off to pick up the kids again! Funny thing is when you take them you have to pick them back up!! Some days one is off to work at the local feed store in the afternoons or the other is off to volunteer at the therapeutic riding facility down the road. So, it's another busy time taxiing kids but I wouldn't change it!

After dinner it's back down to the barn to feed. Oh and the stalls have to be mucked. Every day water buckets have to be refilled and more hay and feed go out! We tuck them in for a cozy night and we're back at it the next day! Well, there's usually some grooming and loving involved too.

My day as an equine entrepreneur doesn't always look like others. I have a couple of furry helpers and some funny business down at the barn to deal with but they are like family and well, somebody's gotta do it!

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