Managing your Email

Your inbox being full can be stressful for some. That little number keeps getting bigger and bigger and you keep avoiding it because you don't want to get started. You are actually afraid to open your emails. I get it! I see that little number and I dive right in because I don't like for things to be waiting or undone. Which one are you?

You've got important emails waiting. New customer inquiries, customer concerns, invoices and more that need your attention. But you're not really sure where to start.

Start by making a plan to open your email maybe 2-4 times a day. Make it a habit or set an alarm. I like to open mine first thing in the morning to see what has come in during the night, at lunch and maybe later in the afternoon. Everyone's most beneficial times will differ. Next, it's important to have a place for all those emails. Making different folders to put your emails in can save you valuable time. This is one of the many things I help clients with. I like to have a few different folders such as, URGENT, needs attention (not necessarily urgent but something that needs your attention soon), new customers, customer inquiries, orders and more. It really depends on what kind of business you run and what types of emails you are receiving on a daily basis. As soon as you open the email move it to the correct folder. This helps you when you open your mail to know if you have actually looked at the email or just opened it and never done anything with it. So many times I hear my clients say they open an email and forget about it or never go back to it. YOU MIGHT BE MISSING BUSINESS! Your customers are probably not getting the best customer experience if you're not answering their emails.

Make this a priority and watch your customer satisfaction go up and your stress level go down.

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