Remembering Your Passion

Do you remember why you started your business? The passion you had about something that was SO BIG you wanted to start a business around it?

Do you still think about that passion you had? Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day of life and just keep moving forward. Only we're missing something. We start getting caught up in what HAS to be done to actually run a business and forget.........We forget the love we have for teaching little kids to trot or groom a horse properly. That joy they get when they win their first ribbon and the part you play in that! We forget why we wake up at 5 AM each day and drive out to our customers' barn to keep their horses performing at their best.

We can get caught up in the numbers. How many customers do I have, how many boarders do I have and how much money am I making?

Being an entrepreneur can be hard but don't let it keep you from enjoying what you're doing and remembering why you started doing it in the first place!

Don't get caught up in what is not happening in your business, rather, look at what IS happening! The goodness you are doing through your work. By showing up and doing what you love - you are helping others.

Virtual Workhorse


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