Stop Chasing Your Money

I talk a lot about streamlining and automating your business. One of the first things people usually focus on getting automated is their payment platform!

Why is this so important?

You're wasting time chasing your money down that is owed to you for your services!


Let's go through some simple ways you can automate invoices in your small business.

Through your CRM





And some other payment apps

These platforms all have ways to have recurring invoices. If you have a monthly or recurring customer make sure you are taking advantage of these features.

This will save you time from creating an invoice each time, oh and the part where you have to remember to do that. Sometimes we're just busy and time goes by and we realize we haven't invoiced or received any money from our services we have already provided. Stop that cycle now!

The other reason to use a platform with a recurring invoice item is for the reminders they will send out automatically if the invoice isn't paid within a certain time frame. I like to have on due date, maybe 2 days later and a week out. By then there should definitely be payment especially if you are due on receipt or net 5. You set yours up depending on your payment terms!

If you'd like more detailed advice on how to make this happen with a certain platform please join my Facebook Group-Virtual Workhorse Roundup and post or message me!


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