Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Did you know you can save money hiring a Virtual Assist VS an employee? How you ask? Well, for starters there's no overhead for a VA. You're not paying for or providing office space, computers, supplies, insurance, payroll taxes.....you get it!

Maybe you need some help but you're not really needing someone 40 hours a week. You may have a one time project you need some help on or need someone anywhere from 2 hours a month and up.

Virtual Assistants can offer monthly retainer packages with a set price and an average number of hours or specific tasks included and some even offer a la carte, hourly pricing. Packages can be custom made for your specific needs depending on what you're looking to outsource.

There's also research that proves remote employees are more productive.

Virtual Assistants are there for you to offer you support and understand the importance of your growing business.

Most VAs are specialized in certain niches offering you the best expertise available.

Something else to consider is how a Virtual Assistant gives you more time to focus on the areas of your business that needs your skills the most. Let a VA do those other tasks that don't really bring you any joy or that you keep pushing to the side.

Virtual Workhorse


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